“We carve wood so you can touch the Moon.”



NOVUM was founded by two architects: Eliza Culea who works in curating (Tschumi and Gehry, Centre Georges Pompidou) and academic research, and Min Hong who has experience in scenography (Moroccan Pavilion, Venice Biennale 2014). Our parisian studio aims to reintroduce a tactile and poetic dimension in design through terrestrial and extraterrestrial geography.


We offer services of wood surfaces treatment through CNC machining. Our products range from furniture design, to wall surfacing, we also produce artistic pieces and smaller decoration accessories such as jewelry boxes. At NOVUM, we work with real cartographies, like for our MOON1 jewelry box, for which we used NASA maps to recreate lunar landscapes, thus allowing our customers to actually touch the moon.


Our services are aimed at architects, interior designers and decorators specialized in the scenography of luxury retail, restaurants, wellness and hotels projects.


The market of wood surfacing is mostly composed by large international groups with delocalized productions. We at NOVUM want to offer you a Made in Paris service. The human scale of our structure allows us more flexibility, a permanent control on the quality of our products, and a design that is always unique and customizable according to your needs.




Contrat d’Appui au Projet d’Entreprise jusqu’au 11 juillet 2018 avec la couveuse Astrolabe Conseil – 17 rue Pasteur, 75011 Paris, France – RCS 451 866 750