Continuing the MONT series, which is both an exploration of ways to incorporate digital technology in manufacturing, as well as a continuation of family-based artisanal heritage, MONT-2 follows an initiation to the tradition of chest-making by Min’s grandfather on the Korean island of Jeju. This immersion into both family and cultural history became the very foundation on which NOVUM then reinterpreted this iconic Asian furniture typology and coupled it with their previous researches into digital conception and manufacturing. With about 70% of the country consisting in uplands and mountains, Korea isn’t only the land of the « morning calm » but also that of « topographic prominence », making its rugged landscape an ideal source of inspiration for the fascination with topography and representation that NOVUM explores in its pieces. Elaborate palpable patterns carved deep into the plywood façade reveal the natural intermittent layers of glue and wood of the material, these CNC drilled lines retracing faithfully the outlines of the Korean mountain ranges. Cross hatch of cultural and family heirlooms, MONT-2 mixes the landscape imagery of Jirisan with a passionate exploration of digital technologies.